The Advantages of Using Interlocking Stone Pavers

At Land-Con Ltd., clients sometimes ask us why interlocking pavers are so popular. There is a long list of reasons why; stone pavers really stand out from other paving options such as concrete or asphalt. If you live in the Greater Toronto Area and are looking for a reliable interlocking contractor, look no further than Land-Con Ltd. We offer workmanship and materials that are of the highest industry standard, and warranties that show we stand behind the work that we do. Further, here are some of the reasons why we recommend interlocking stone pavers to both residential and commercial clients:

1. Flexibility in Design
When it comes to design, no other material provides more sophisticated options than interlocking pavers. You can easily delineate pavement from parking, or clearly mark intersections and cross walks. There are a variety of colours and shapes available, and an endless variety of design styles and patterns. Interlocking pavers will add a lovely visual appeal to any landscape and property, in addition to being an economical and durable option.

2. Winter Durability
With interlocking pavers, snow removal is easy. The surface can be plowed, and snow can be blown or shovelled as usual. As the edges of all pavers are bevelled, the edge of the snow plow won't catch, and the corners of your pavers won't get chipped easily. Further, calcium chloride and salt will not damage the pavers, nor will any liquid-based or electric snow-melting products and systems. Overall, concrete pavers will hold up better against harsh winters much better than regular concrete or asphalt will.

3. Their Versatility
Concrete pavers can be used for a variety of different settings. Residences and commercial buildings alike can use pavers to great effect. Pavers can form the surface for driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, patios, pool decks, roof decks, and much more. They are an incredibly pleasing choice aesthetically, and serve well for any practical and heavy outdoor usage.

4. Safety Qualities
Toronto Interlock Unlike smooth concrete, interlocking pavers are great because they have a textured, non-slip and non-skid surface. This makes them a great choice for pool decks and for young children who like to run around. It also makes pavers a good choice for driveways and roads, as cars can very safely drive over them even when the surface is very wet.

5. Strength & Durability
The material and technology used to make concrete pavers results in an end product that is incredibly strong, stable, and durable. They can withstand tremendous pressure and heavy loads, and are affected little by the extreme temperatures of Toronto's summers and winters. There are joints between each unit which allows for a fraction of movement; this prevents the pavers from cracking. Concrete pavers can last for decades. Interlocking pavers are stronger than regular concrete surfaces, and definitely last longer than asphalt. They also allow for more expansion and contraction, minimizing any possible damage to the surface.

6. Easy Maintenance
Interlocking pavers are incredibly cost-efficient too. If a paver is broken, cracked, or stained, you can easily replace that paver, instead of having to redo an entire section of pavement. You simply cannot do the same with stamped concrete or asphalt. You can lift the affected area or areas, compact the base again, and reinstall the same pavers, simply replacing the few that need to be changed. Your concrete pavers will only need a simple sweep or hose-down to maintain; only in extreme situations may a pressure wash be necessary.

Land-Con Ltd., The Interlocking Pros

Land-Con Ltd. is the leading interlocking company in Toronto and the surrounding areas. We have 25 years of experience in the landscaping and construction business, and are capable of taking on commercial, residential, and industrial projects of any size. We provide services of the highest quality, and never compromise on design, materials, or workmanship. All of our employees are rigorously trained and qualified professionals. If you are looking for a company that truly puts its customers first, come to Land-Con Ltd. Our long-standing service provider-customer relationships are what we have built this company on.

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